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Exclusive Furniture Design

Immerse yourself in a world of original and captivating designs to set your spaces apart. Our designs are Scandinavian-focused but have influences of other style groups like Japandi, Coastal, Mid-Century Modern, and Urban – contemporary furniture that elevate a variety of interiors.

Premium Furniture Manufacturing

You can be assured that each piece of furniture went through a thorough and documented process across the design, development and production value chain, and met the highest standards for safety, compliance and quality. It’s what we refer to as the DeepGreen Standard™, and it’s our winning formula in making products that are worthy of your projects.

Responsible Manufacturing Practices

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability. DeepGreen Studio embraces eco-friendly practices, employing responsible manufacturing techniques that minimize our environmental impact without sacrificing design and quality.

Trusted Relationships

Building lasting partnerships is at the core of our business philosophy. We value our network of factories and suppliers, who give us so much versatility in the materials and capabilities we can work with, including a wide variety of responsibly sourced timber, glass, metal, marble and fabric.

We help interior designers and joineries to manufacture small to larger quantities.

There is a gap in the market to offer luxury and premium-level products at affordable prices, and that can only be done by manufacturing in China and Vietnam.

In China and Vietnam

Yes, but we cater to the entire GCC Region.

We work with quantities of at least 5-10 pieces at least, but we require either a minimum order value or 1×20 container mix.

If you have designs you are known for and want to sell locally, we can manufacture them at prices that give you a healthier margin and more competitive pricing to your customers.

If you have larger projects where you will be uncompetitive to manufacture locally, or cannot handle the quantities, we can supply you from China or Vietnam.

Yes, we can discuss this. Email us at or fill out the contact form.

Perfect, this is our core business. Our parent company DeepGreen Design, incorporated in Hong Kong, supplies design-leading retailers globally. Email us at or fill out the contact form.

We have over 15 years of manufacturing for design-leading retailers globally. We have on-the-ground teams in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and Dubai. We work exclusively with our clients and protect designs. We have a trusted reputation for supply, quality, compliance and responsible manufacturing. We collaborate professionally. We work with diverse materials and product types.

Let’s collaborate on your next project.

Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll make it happen.